Barcode scanners


Generate revenue for your unwanted EPOS and IT hardware. We manage third party sales and also buy excess or redundant EPOS equipment, barcode scanners, computers, printers, mobile phones, tablets and many other related items. We may even be interested in items not currently in working order.


All data on equipment purchased by Ecom Management is securely destroyed using Blancco software and a certificate of data destruction is issued.


Once all audits and data destruction have been carried out, the equipment is assessed and is either repaired or recycled in compliance with the WEEE directive.


As buyers of EPOS and IT hardware and barcode scanners, Ecom Management assumes the legal responsibility of the environmentally safe disposal of all components of assets removed from your business and indemnifies you from any liability arising out of the disposal of such assets.


By using Ecom Management, your organisation can provide demonstrable compliance:-


  • to the WEEE Directive.

  • with the Landfill Regulations

  • with the Environmental Protection Act.

WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) Directive 2003 - The EC issued the WEEE Directive to reduce waste arising from electrical and electronic equipment. WEEE sets targets that 65% of IT equipment must be recycled and materials such as CRT’s, LCD displays, printed circuit boards, batteries and flame retardant plastics are pre-treated before disposal.


Environmental Protection Act 1990 - Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that wastes are consigned to registered carriers and properly stored and disposed of at appropriately licensed facilities.


The Landfill (England & Wales) Regulations 2002 - came into force to reduce the negative environmental effects of landfill. Certain hazardous wastes are prohibited from landfills and pre-treatment of wastes prior to landfill is required.